Female Football Factory was founded by sisters Casey Lynchey & Michelle Morrison when they decided to combine Casey’s love and knowledge of football and sport with Michelle’s expertise of fashion and design. With their range of football & gym wear they are bringing high quality, unique branded apparel at an affordable price. The girls grew up a stones throw away from Easter Road stadium in Edinburgh supporting Hibernian FC and have been following football since an early age.  

Casey is a school teacher and an UEFA C football coach. She is the head of women’s football at Bury AFC. After coaching youth football for many years, she wanted to provide the opportunity for women of all ages and abilities to play, so she founded a women’s recreational football team that now has over 200 members aged from 16 to 65. 

Michelle has worked in the fashion and design industry for over 20 years and during that time she has worked for a number of different companies and took on a number of different roles. She is currently a freelance designer and has her own baby wear business. 

Female Football Factory was born of frustration. In a world where women of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes are finally being allowed to play football, often they need to wear clothing designed for men! Mesh shorts! Baggy-necked tops! Lengthy trouser legs and low waists! What they wanted to do was create something stylish, affordable and most importantly that would FIT HER.